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Effects of The Mitochondrial Genome on Germ Cell Fertility: A Review of The Literature

(2022) Effects of The Mitochondrial Genome on Germ Cell Fertility: A Review of The Literature. International Journal of Fertility and Sterility.

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Infertility is one of the major problems faced in medicine. There are numerous factors that play a role in infertility. For example, numerous studies mention the impact of the quantity and quality of mitochondria in sexual gametes. This is a narrative review of the effects of the mitochondrial genome on fertility. We searched the PubMed, Science Direct, SID, Google Scholar, and Scopus databases for articles related to “Fertility, Infertility, Miscarriage, Mitochondria, Sperm, mtDNA, Oocytes” and other synonymous keywords from 2000 to 2020. The mitochondrial genome affects infertility in both male and female gametes; in sperm, it mainly releases free radicals. In the oocyte, a mutation in this genome can affect the amount of energy required after fertilisation, leading to gestation failure. In both cases, infertile cells have substantially less mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) copies. The effects of mtDNA on gamete fertility occur via changes in oxidative phosphorylation and cellular energy production. Also, a reduction in the number of mtDNA copies is directly associated with sex cell infertility. Therefore, evaluation of the mitochondrial genome can be an excellent diagnostic option for couples who have children with neonatal disorders, infertile couples who seek assisted reproductive treatment, and those in whom assisted reproductive techniques have failed. © 2022, Royan Institute (ACECR). All rights reserved.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Infertility Mitochondria Mitochondrial Genome Oocyte Sperm adenosine triphosphate cytochrome b cytochrome c oxidase mitochondrial DNA proteome proton transporting adenosine triphosphatase reactive oxygen metabolite unsaturated fatty acid asthenospermia cell energy copy number variation current drinker DNA damage DNA repair energy yield female infertility fertility fertilization gamete gene mutation germ cell human in vitro fertilization infertility therapy male infertility mitochondrial dynamics mitochondrial membrane potential mitophagy nonhuman oligospermia oxidative phosphorylation oxidative stress prematurity Review single nucleotide polymorphism spermatogenesis
Page Range: pp. 70-75
Journal or Publication Title: International Journal of Fertility and Sterility
Volume: 16
Number: 2
Depositing User: مهندس مهدی شریفی

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